Mejía takes a gold bath in a weightlifting tournament

The Dominican Yudelina Mejía won three gold medals and the absolute championship of the women’s 81 kilos category on the last day this Saturday of the weightlifting championship, qualifying for the Central American and Caribbean Games that is held in the Pavilion of that sport in the East Park.

The weightlifter won the three gold medals that the category distributed. In the snatch she completed a lift of 109 kilos, while in the clean and jerk she did 135 kilograms, finishing with the highest total at 244 kilos.

“I came with the mentality that it can be done, that I could do it and it happened,” Mejía said.

Second place went to Shirley Montano, from Colombia, who obtained bronze in snatch, with 100 kilos, and silver medals in clean and jerk (130 kilos) and Total, with 230 kilos. The other silver in the clean and jerk went to the Cuban Ayamey Medina.

Ketlene Primot, from Haiti, ranked third. In the clean and jerk she won bronze, with 112 kilos, as well as in the total, with 202 kilos.

In the 87 kilos, the Venezuelan Dayana Chirinos won two gold metals and one silver. In the snatch she achieved second place with 105 kilos, in the clean and jerk first place, with 138 kilograms, and the same result with 243 kilos in total.

The Colombian Yeiny Geles was second gold in snatch (108 kilos), silver in clean and jerk, with 134 kilos, and total, with 242 kilograms.

Crismery: 1 gold, 2 silver

Crismery Santana won three medals in the category of over 87 kilograms, two silver and one gold at the end of the event that was held with great success in the Parque del Este Weightlifting pavilion.

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The Dominican Republic closed the event winning 12 medals, including five gold. She added four silver and three bronze.

The weightlifter took second place in the snatch after lifting 111 kilograms, ranked first in clean and jerk with a lift of 146 kilograms and in the total she settled for second place after obtaining 257.

Crismery, already with his place secured for the Central American Games scheduled to be held from June 23 to July 8, assured that he will continue working hard to raise the name of the Dominican Republic as he has done in previous events.

The Venezuelan Naryury Pérez was not far behind and imposed her quality as a Pan American medalist with experience in the World Cup and in the Olympic Games, taking two gold and one silver medal to her country.

Pérez dominated the snatch after completing a lift of 116 kilograms, achieved silver in clean and jerk with 145 kilos and gold in total with 261.

Germán and Paniagua climb to the podium

Ezequiel Germán and Ander Paniagua were other outstanding Dominicans in the last day of the championship. Germán won three medals in the men’s category plus 109 kilograms, where the Mexican Jorge Hernández was proclaimed absolute champion with two gold medals and one bronze.

Germán took over the gold in the snatch with a lift of 154 kilograms, while in the clean and jerk he obtained the bronze with 183 and the silver in total, with 337 kilos.

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