Mehzabeen is spreading fascination in ‘Am ki tumi’!

The web series ‘Ami Key Tumi’ has been released on the domestic OTT platform iScreen. Viewers are fascinated by this series which is a combination of mystery, romance and love. Where Mehzabeen, Shyamal Mawla, Tariq Anam Khan, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Junayed and others acted. Netizens are enjoying the mysterious appearance and look of Mehzabeen.

Writing on social sites about this series, especially about Mehzabeen.

This eight-episode web series is produced by popular producer Vicky Zaheed. Watching the series, viewers are getting thrilling excitement and twists with science fiction. Especially the audience can’t take their eyes off seeing Mehzabeen Chowdhury’s great performance – that’s what the netizens are saying.

Junaid Bogdadi in the role of Rahat and Shyamal Mawla in a special role have also surpassed their previous work with their performance, the audience said.

Before this, Vicky Zaheed gave many viewers a wonderful fiction about Mehzabeen. The career of this pair is newly added to ‘Ami ki tumi’! The twists and turns of events in this new web series keep the viewers engaged. From start to finish the tension and thrill are perfectly maintained.

Aami Ki Tumi is a combination of story, production style and excellent performances.

As seen in the story, a girl dreams of becoming a heroine. Which in no way will his police father allow him to act. But through the lover assistant director, the girl goes to various producers and directors. The girl’s new journey begins, where science fiction emerges! Where a context comes up in the city crystal ball rain! Which has created a lot of surprise in the minds of the audience.

Regarding this series, Mehzabeen told Kal Kantha that it has just been released. Still getting very positive response. Not quite science fiction but a bit of sci-fi mixed with several other genres. The work of such people is not very common in our country. The audience is taking it positively and has received it very well. Those who have seen it since yesterday evening are sharing their likes and comments through Facebook and Instagram. Now everyone gives feedback through these channels, I see there. Viewers are updated on the content. Each character gets to see many layers, complimenting everyone. The interest of the audience is increasing, season two is wanted.

Netizens say that a series has never been made before in such a story of the country, which was seen through the eye screen. Wahida Mallik Jolly, Tariq Anam Khan, Sadia Islam Mou, Intekhab Dinar, Abdullah Al Sentu etc. are also in various roles of the series.

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