Mehzabeen is coming in a new look with a hint of mystery

In the smart world of entertainment, their first original content ‘Ami Ki Tumi’ is coming to the domestic OTT platform ‘iScreen’. Directed by popular producer Vicky Jahed, Lux Channel I star Mehzabeen Chowdhury played an important role in it. The look poster of the series was released on Friday afternoon, which grabbed attention.

A different Mehzabeen is seen in this poster.

Where his eyes surprised! Tears are rolling down the eyes of Kajal Lept. Oxygen mask on face. A bunch of flowers on the head. After a long time, the news of Mehzabeen’s new work and the look poster have created quite a mystery on the internet.

Netizens are saying, this Mehzabeen? In this context, the iScreen authorities say, all questions will be answered in the eight-episode web series Aam Key Tumi, which will be released soon.

‘Aam Ki Tumi’ web series is produced on a large scale by Vicky Zaheed. He said that he shot for 17 days, which is enough time for OTT content.

Vicky Zaheed, the famous producer of Panjanam, said, I have made this content based on romance and drama, apart from thriller and horror.

Viewers will see my new work after a long time. I have many good things with Chanel Eye, which the audience likes. Since Eyescreen is the first original, it was in mind that the journey should start with a good work.

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