Meeting on salary increase did not take place, because the Ministry of Labor suspended it

The debate on the “voluntary” wage increase of employers to their employees did not take place. The meeting that was scheduled for 9:00 am this Tuesday was suspended by the Ministry of Labor, explained Rafael Pepe Abreu, president of the National Council of Trade Union Unity (CNUS) to Listín Diario.

Last week the president of the National Council of Private Enterprise (Conep), Pedro Brache, sent a communication to the media in which he recommended that the sector increase the wages of workers, although the request was voluntary and for those companies that were able to do so.

Conep’s suggestion found the support of the Ministry of Labor, which immediately called a tripartite meeting for the discussion that is normally held to discuss minimum wages, but that already in the last meeting covered a scale of classification of companies and it was suggested that spread to those segments.

The salary increase proposed by the big businessmen found the support and call for caution from economists and politicians who have also proposed that the increase be made mandatory and not at the mercy of the companies.

Pepe Abreu, president of the CNUS, said that the meeting called for this Tuesday never took place because Labor Minister Luis Miguel De Camps suspended it.

Abreu stated that he did not trust that it would be carried out because it was a declaration and not a proposal or invitation to the tripartite dialogue of businessmen in the National Congress, in the Ministry or in the Economic and Social Council (CES).

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He argued before the rejection of the industrialists of Herrera and Codopyme that it is a tradition of Mipymes to reject salary increases in the private sector, although they always feel unified at the table of the National Salary Committee.

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