Meet EMA, the IA-Expert Marketplace Advisor

AI is here to stay, but also to help us, after the long-awaited launch of GPT Store by OpenAIThe artificial intelligence company that developed ChatGPT, many users have set out to create their own models using ChatGPT Plus, ChatGPT Team, and Enterprise.

The team at follows this trend Innova Digital Export He launched the following: EMA, the Expert Marketplace Advisor agent The It helps you find the ideal marketplace by differentiating between products, geographical areas and target groups, among other things.

Innova has enriched EMA with its database available at MarketsPlazaand together with the complementary hand of artificial intelligence through ChatGPT-4, it has been possible to develop a model capable of distinguishing between thousands of marketplaces around the world and offering personalized recommendations for companies looking to expand their horizons .

How does it work?

The model studies the product, category or industry, desired audience, geographical area and user needs to suggest the product after a complete search TOP 5 ideal marketplaces for the sale of these products or services in the chosen destination (in addition to a list of other marketplaces that may be of interest). But EMA goes further and even provides additional interesting information about the recommended marketplaces: tariffs, commissions, logistics, etc.

And if the target market is China, be prepared for a flood of interesting information! as it provides first-hand information about marketplaces that are both interesting and unknown to us, such as: TMall, JD or Putaojiuwang thanks, among other things, to the local Chinese team that the development company has.

This solution represents a step forward in digital export and the use of artificial intelligence to support companies that want to go abroad but are unaware of the extensive opportunities they offer in each destination. EMA will be the guide to take this path.

We leave you the website of its creators, Innova Digital Export and that Link to model so you can use it immediately.

Get to know EMA and start your international digital adventure in the market that perfectly suits your products or services.

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