Medvedev: World War III is getting closer

Moscow (BLAZETRENDS).- The vice president of the Russian Security Council, Dmitri Medvedev, warned that “the Third World War is getting closer” when commenting on his Telegram channel the increase in military aid from the countries of the NATO to Ukraine.

“The delusional West could not invent anything else. Predictability at the highest level, even idiocy. In fact, it is a dead end. World War III is getting closer,” wrote Medvedev, Russia’s president from 2008 to 2012.

The former president stressed that at the NATO summit in Vilnius it was agreed to increase military aid to Ukraine “with everything possible: missiles, cluster bombs and planes.”

“What does this mean for us? It is obvious: the special military operation (in Ukraine) will continue with the same objectives, ”he added, specifying that one of them is that the“ Kiev Nazi group renounces becoming a member of NATO ”.
According to Medvevev, for this “this group will have to be liquidated, something possible and necessary.”

NATO will invite Ukraine to become a member when it “meets the conditions”

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