Mediterranean: measures to better protect it

Friday 3 September in Marseilles (Bouches-du-Rhône), Emmanuel Macron is committed to extending the preservation of marine areas of the Mediterranean. Streams have benefited from this protection for nearly ten years, but what is the result?

Protecting the Mediterranean even further from the destruction of human activity is one of the goals set by Emmanuel Macron at the World Congress on Conservation. “We will increase by 2027 this strong protection from 0.2% to 5% strong protection of our Mediterranean”, announced the President of the Republic. This protection already exists in the National Park of Port-Cros, in Var.

Since 1963, the waters are prohibited from fishing and sports that require motorization up to 600 meters from the coast. This protection is bearing fruit, as the grouper has returned to populate the bottom of the sea. For environmental associations, the president’s announcement is good news. “Thanks to this new ambition, we will be able to go from a confetti to a synthesis of the best that the Mediterranean has in terms of ecosystem and nature”, explains a conservationist.

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