Medina del Campo’s Escaparate Industrial Estate Expansion: Increasing Surface Area to 172 Hectares

Somacyl Launches Expansion of "Polígono Escaparate" Industrial Estate in Medina del Campo

Castilla y León, Spain – The Public Company for Infrastructure and the Environment of Castilla y León (Somacyl) has begun the process of expanding the surface area of ​​the ‘Polígono Escaparate’ industrial estate in Medina del Campo, Valladolid, with the main objective of consolidating the activity of companies in the area and attracting new companies linked mainly to the agri-food sector.

Plan Aims to Consolidate Industrial Activity and Attract New Companies

According to the Regional Territorial Scope Plan for the industrialisation of Medina del Campo, Somacyl’s initiative is based on the need to consolidate productive activities, mainly linked to the agri-food sector, existing in the area around the CL-602 road. The plan aims to provide the ‘Polígono Escaparate’ with the services and infrastructures necessary to achieve "a modern, equipped and competitive industrial estate" that can attract new business initiatives.

Expanded Industrial Area to Cover 172.17 Hectares

The plan defines an expanded industrial area, with the CL-602 as the backbone, which limits the surface to 172.17 hectares, including both new undelimited developable land and a set of rustic land with agricultural uses to the south of the old undelimited developable surface, up to the limit of the railway line. The land also includes a plot of municipal ownership adjacent to it that is already partially built.

Urban Planning to Enable Orderly Development

The Regional Territorial Plan aims to establish the conditions to enable an orderly development of the industrial area, given that industries established in the ‘Polígono Escaparate’ currently operate on rustic land, which has made it practically impossible to address some of the actions that would allow progress in the strategy of strengthening and consolidating the productive environment of Medina.

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Two Independent Sectors Defined

The plan defines two independent sectors: the ‘Escaparate Polygon’, which includes the land on which companies already operate and new vacant land intended for new activities, and the ‘Escaparate Ampliación’ industrial estate, which occupies a second sector specifically oriented towards new industrial establishments. The proposal foresees the reinforcement of the infrastructures and services required for the functionality of the new productive enclave, aiming to convert Medina del Campo into a regional hub for the agri-food industry.

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