Medina Cantalejo explodes against the threats: “It was the dirtiest and most cowardly thing I’ve ever experienced”

The Arbitration Collective shows its face again and does so to analyze its performances in the first two thirds of the season. Medina Cantalejo, president of the referees, appeared escorted by Clos Gómez, director of the VAR project, and Undiano Mallenco, member of the Technical Commission. The braids sent a clear message to football. “That’s enough. Any day something bad is going to happen.”

The referees explode before the critics and the contempt

The president of the referees started his presentation by launching a clear message in the face of the increase in criticism towards his group and the messages that they consider tendentious to seek a benefit: “Years ago the criticism was made directly from the presidents and they came kicking into the changing rooms. That was unbearable. Over time we have used social networks to criticize and belittle the referee. It is time to Let us say that it is not appropriate to criticize the referees in an interested and negative way. They have open doors for us to attend to them and face things face to face. I shut myself up with the president in question and I’ll tell him to tell me. There has been a specific event that has been a Cup play that left us disconcerted by the image that was drawn. The wrong image was sent and Hawk-Eye admitted the mistake. That move was fully clarified with Real Sociedad. Next week other leaders will come to see our work. But we cannot walk with hypocrisy.” Medina continues pointing out the institutional messages from social networks: “Criticism of referees is increasing. Contempt is brushed from the official websites of the clubs towards the referees. They have no filter and do a lot of damage. It’s time to say it’s okay”.

The president of the referees also wanted to reveal the false complaint by the Cartagena coach that the referee told one of his players “Fuck you.” “They denounced that a referee said to the Cartagena players ‘Fuck you’. At the same moment we heard the entire audio of the match. None of that is heard. If those words had appeared, we would have acted against our referee with the utmost rigor. But we have listened to the audio three times and it was not heard. There is someone lying here and it is not us. The day that a referee acts in this way, he will have an exemplary sanction,” he said. “Parents go to see their new Messi and the one to blame for their son not being the new Messi is always the referee”.

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“It is enough that anyone puts a photo comparing one hand with another and just puts one that is not punishable. That they put something at least that is comparable. What we cannot hear is statements every week as it suits them,” Medina Cantalejo added. That he continued: \ They see themselves reflected in grassroots football. Luis Rubiales is concerned about these situations. Any day something bad is going to happen. I warned him when I arrived.”

Threats to the family of Medina Cantalejo

The president of the referees explained the situation that his family experienced in the face of the threats received in January: “It has been the dirtiest and most cowardly thing I have ever experienced. A sacred line has been crossed, which was that of my family. They have insulted my children. I am not going to turn my face away. They told us “Family of Medina Cantalejo, we will find you “. These types of cowards do it through social networks“This type of person does not represent Betis, which is a fan of ten. There have also been people inside who have used social networks to put more gasoline. To this day I am still waiting for someone to explain to me what has happened “.

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