Medical part of Carlos Alcaraz: number 1 is in danger

The youngest Spanish tennis player in history could lose his crown in the ranking

Discomfort in the lateral abdominal of the tennis player, Carlos Alcaraz they forced him to withdraw Holger Rune in the rooms of Paris-Bercy Mastersleave the race open to finish number one in 2022. Rafael Nadal, second in the ranking, is the best positioned to overtake him. A news that leaves everyone surprised.

However, in recent times the medical tests that the tennis player has undergone this afternoon in Murciatogether with his trusted doctor Juanjo Lopezand his physiotherapist Juanjo Moreno, have shown a muscle tear in the internal oblique musculature of the left lateral abdominal wall.

Nadal Alcaraz
The seriousness of Alcaraz’s injury is already known

A tear in the abdominal part has Carlos Alcaraz out of the competition

In this way, he will drop out of his first teacher appointment and in the call for Spain for Davis. Likewise, Sergi Bruguera is already looking for a replacement that could be the Spaniard, Pedro Martínez. It should be remembered that the national team is measured on November 23 against Croatia.

Alcaraz, it’s very downhill finish the year as ATP leader. He maintains an income of 1,000 points with Nadal. The Spaniard would have to win the Masters or reach the final undefeated to pass him. And Stefanos Tsitsipas would have to win undefeated after losing the Bercy semi-final to Novak Djokovic.

In six weeks, the 19-year-old tennis player could compete again for the next season

The tennis player from El Palmar has paid for the 70 games played and has traveled non-stop from New York to Valencia to participate in the group stage of the Davis Cup. In 12 of the 17 tournaments he was among the top eight, so on September 12 he became number 1.

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Finally, the Murcian will keep a total rest of between five and six weeks before considering the start of the next season. His plans are not to attend the first edition of the United Cup, which appears on the calendar from December 29 to January 8.

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