MediaMarkt will develop AI to boost its online sales

MediaMarkt also relies on artificial intelligence (AI). According to El Economista, the company has signed an agreement Alliance with Google, Microsoft, Accenture, Accesa and Parloawith the aim of further developing AI in its entire structure and Improve your digital transformation and online sales.

For that, MediaMarkt has appointed Mar FernandezChief Digital Officer of the company in Spain, as responsible for the global AI strategy and is already preparing to start the first pilot tests that will be developed for it End users, our own staff and the management and analysis of data.

«Have Hundreds of different projects in the field of artificial intelligencesome of which are already underway“Mar Fernández explains this to the above-mentioned media and explains this in detail.”We will develop interactive user guides and, among other things, improve them Accessibility of online sales assistants such as chatbots, both via text and voice«.

The company will also implement this Conversational generative AI technologies from ChatGPT (Microsoft), LLaMa (Meta) and PaLM (Google)with the intention of “Cultivate a more personal relationship with consumers«says the person responsible for digital development at MediaMarkt.

Shorten delivery times

With all of this, the group wants to go one step further and to be not just a distributor, but above all a technology distributor. Also, MediaMarkt primarily wants to boost online sales. «In the 2022 Black Friday campaign, e-commerce accounted for 22% of sales and last year it reached 28%.«, stresses Fernández, emphasizing that “In December we increased from 18% of total sales to 23% with the Christmas campaign«. Year-on-year comparison: «That is the goal Online sales account for at least 30% of total business«says the directive.

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On the other hand, the Spanish subsidiary of MediaMarkt is trying to shorten delivery times for purchases with distribution both through the logistics center in Pinto (Madrid) and through the 111 branches throughout the national territory: “The aim is to distribute within a maximum period of 24 to 48 hours, depending on the location.«. The focus was also placed on this Drive improvements on both the website and app«That was the key» for the latest Black Friday, Christmas and sales promotions, improving key figures.

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