Mecca hotel fire: 4 Pakistanis identified

Riyadh: 4 out of 8 Pakistanis who died in a fire in a hotel in the city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia, have been identified. All the bodies have been shifted to the mortuary.

4 out of 8 Pakistanis who died in a fire incident in a hotel in Mecca in Saudi Arabia have been identified, many people have been injured in the incident.

Consul Welfare Shiraz Ali Khan in Pakistan Consulate Jeddah says that this incident of fire occurred in a hotel located on Ibrahim Khalil Road in Makkah.

Consul Welfare said that initial reports indicated that the fire broke out in a room on the third floor of the hotel due to a short circuit which engulfed other rooms as well. Four rooms were damaged in the fire.

Among the dead Pakistanis, 4 have been identified, out of which 2 belong to Wahari while 2 belong to Kasur, efforts are being made to identify the other four persons.

Shiraz Ali Khan says that it is difficult to identify the dead bodies due to burns, but the process of identification is going on.

Saudi authorities say that DNA may be used to identify the bodies.

Consul Welfare further said that the bodies of the dead have been kept in the cold room of the hospital, the next of kin are being contacted after which a decision will be taken regarding sending the dead to Pakistan or burying them in Makkah.

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