Mecca: 30% of the work on the new Kaaba strip shroud completed

In this regard, King Abdul Aziz Kiswah Complex has said that the work on the new pieces of the new Kaaba belt of the Shroud has been 30% completed.

According to Saudi media, the Kiswah Complex said in a statement that 56 pieces of gold would be ready. They belong to the curtain of the Kaaba, the belt of the Kaaba shroud, its lower part and the lanterns.

The statement said that a golden piece of the belt of the Shroud of the Kaaba is ready in 90 to 120 days. The preparation of the Kaaba shroud continues throughout the year.

Saudi Arabia has established a Kaaba shroud factory in the Umm al-Jawd neighborhood of Mecca. More than 200 skilled artisans make the Kaaba shroud for 360 days.

The shroud of the Kaaba is changed once a year. Raw silk is imported to make the Kaaba shroud, then washed and dyed black.

To make the Kaaba shroud, 670 kg of pure silk, 120 kg of gold and 100 kg of silver thread are used.

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