meatless week Times change: we open up our relationship with food

Almost 30,000 people in Spain have already taken part in the meatless week challenge. Join?

At ProVeg we know how comfortable it is to always do what we always do, but even what we call our favorite gets tired every day and we want to try new experiences.

This is the premise behind the sixth edition of the Meatless Week of the food awareness organization ProVeg Spain.

Times change and we are more and more willing to try new things, in fact we are always looking for different experiences” says Verónica Larco, Communications Director at ProVeg Spain. “People are increasingly aware of our impact and we want our lifestyle to be consistent with it, including our food. From ProVeg we want to propose to everyone, whether or not they are curious about plant foods before, that they are open to new experiences, new flavors, new textures and even new products.”.

World Meatless Day, March 20

Coinciding with World Meatless Day, on March 20th, Meatless Week will begin, a 7-day challenge in which people who sign up from now on they will be able to have a different vegetable experience every day. They will also receive all kinds of tools and tips:

  • A weekly menu with all recipes included (gluten-free and soy-free menu also available)
  • Exclusive recipes from content creators specializing in vegan food (Beatriz Moliz, hi heidy, the vegan pig, nomadic house, Where do I get the protein? It is From lost to vegetarian)
  • Infographics to create 100% vegetable, complete and healthy dishes
  • Comparative nutritional tables
  • Nutritional advice and support from the Spanish Vegetarian Union (official collaborator of ProVeg Meatless Week)
  • Price comparison
  • Support the community on Telegram
  • Access to exclusive sweepstakes

We know that many people are attracted by the plant-based trend, we see vegetable burgers that no one would say are not made of meat, vegan pizzas in the main chains in Spain, vegetable chicken in all supermarkets and even tuna that “cheats” any but.. . even though many people do not dare to take the step towards a (more) plant-based diet due to lack of information or not knowing very well where to start, at Meatless Week we offer them all the support they need”, comments the director of communication at ProVeg Spain.

Reasons to open up your relationship with meat and try new experiences during Meatless Week

A plant-based diet is synonymous with a more respectful relationship with the planet, it could reduce emissions related to our food by up to 50%. Animal husbandry and consumption are responsible for around 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions and cause enormous damage to our forests, 80% of global deforestation is related to our current food system and nearly 70% of land deforested in the Amazon are used for cattle grazing.

Clear health benefits: A diet based on plant products has greater benefits than one focused on animal products. Although high meat consumption poses a serious health risk, a rich and varied plant-based diet can prevent and treat diseases related to our lifestyle, such as some types of cancer, type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure.

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A more respectful relationship with animals. One of the main motivations for people to choose a plant-based diet is ethics. Around 80,000 million land animals are killed each year for human consumption, choosing plant-based alternatives helps create a more compassionate world with less suffering.

Self-knowledge and discovering that we like things we didn’t imagine before. Opening up to a more plant-based diet is synonymous with opening up to new flavours, new recipes, cooking the usual ingredients in a different way and discovering alternatives to meat that were not considered an option in everyday life.

trying new things is better

The usual is good, but trying new things is so much better. So if you want to get out of the routine and enjoy yourself, sign up and sign up for someone else, who in this open relationship, the more people there, the better”, adds Verónica Larco.

People Want More Meat… But Veggies

Vegetable meat is increasingly present in supermarkets and restaurants, being a sector on the rise. According to data published by the European project Smart Protein, the market value herbal in Spain it reached €448 million at the end of 2020. In addition, alternatives to meat, eggs, dairy, fish and shellfish will represent 11% of the global protein market and the market value will reach at least US$290 billion by 2035, according to estimates by the Boston Consulting Group and the Blue Horizon Corporation.

Demand for plant-based meat continues to grow. According to ProVeg’s Plant-Based Consumer Survey, 90% of people who eat plant-based products are flexitarian (not vegan or vegetarian), and of those, 29% want to see even more plant-based meat in supermarkets. The data should not surprise us if we take into account that one in five Spaniards says not to eat meat one in 3 want to reduce consumption or that 40% of Europeans are already trying to reduce their consumption of red meat.two

How to participate in Meatless Week?

To participate in Meatless Week, simply sign up from now on And between March 20th and 26th, the collective challenge will take place. The challenge is completely free.

Link to sign up #SemanaSemCarne It is #OpenYourRelationshipWithTheBeef:


Notes to the editor:

ProVeg International is a food awareness organization working to transform the global food system by replacing animal products with plant-based and cultured alternatives.

Through relationships with institutions, governments, producers, investors, the press and the general public, ProVeg works to help in the transition to a society and economy less dependent on livestock and more sustainable for humans, animals and our planet. .

ProVeg has offices in nine countries on four continents and operates worldwide. ProVeg has permanent observer status at the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), special consultative status at ECOSOC (United Nations Economic and Social Council), is accredited by the UNEA (United Nations Environment ) and received the award Moment for Change of the United Nations.


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