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Meal vouchers, gift certificates… towards a small revolution?

You may benefit from it: meal vouchers, vouchers, culture vouchers or even mobility vouchers. So many products that should give you a boost in these different sectors throughout the year. But you often receive them in different formats. These securities are issued by the Up groupa cooperative and participatory company (SCOP) formerly known as “Group Chèque Déjeuner”, which according to , after having started a digital shift with the Covid-19, will hit hard. The group, led by Youssef Achour, launches its UpOne service.

UpOne, what is it? This is a centralized management solution that brings together on a single card all the benefits available to employees. For this, Up relied on the start-up Hexeko which it acquired last year, explain . “The employer, he no longer needs to order several media and he has a single interface to manage all his titles, his invoices, his beneficiaries”, highlights the general manager of the Group, Julien Anglade.

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This service should even go further since it should work in “open banking”, a banking system according to which consumers can authorize banks to have access to data on their assets and their financial operations. Thanks to an artificial intelligence tool connected to your account, this would allow purchases with the bank card to identify “if these purchases can benefit from your meal vouchers, gift vouchers, culture, mobility, etc.” but also to “immediately recredit your account, in compliance with the choices of the employer and the legal framework”, advances a group executive with .

Another advantage, if an employee receives a certain amount as a gift voucher and another as a culture check, he could transfer them from one account to another if the employer agrees. Another service (UP+) will also be launched this summer. A program intended to “generate traffic” among affiliated merchants and restaurants. Beneficiaries of UpDéjeuner vouchers will be donated 10 to 30% of the amount spent at participating points of sale, on its application, for a next food purchase”, explains Julien Anglade. After having expanded its offer, the Up group has reconnected with growth in 2021 and expects an 11% increase in operating income for 2022. Its activity is also 63% paperless with 23 million cards in circulation.


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