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Jorge Prado he has been the MXGP leader every day of competition held in 2023 and, one more day, it continues to be so. The man from Lugo has cemented his dominance in the premier class of the World Championship, especially on two legs, the qualifying races and the first rounds on Sunday, and although he stopped winning on Saturdays in Trentino and Portugal, things have returned to normal. riverbed of him He already prevailed on the opening day in Spain and now repeats in France to catch a little more air in the lead with eight points over Herlings (I had six). Rubén Fernández was sixth.

This Saturday at Villars Sous Ecot was a race meadow style, of those that he likes, which translates into take the lead from the beginning of the test, impose your rhythm and cross the finish line alone. He came to have more than four seconds of advantage, but in the end he finished with two over Seewer saving strength for what will come on Sunday. Herlings lapped very close to the Swiss after progressing from the sixth starting position, but his laps affected him and he was unable to attack that second position.

If the Dutchman went up during the eleven laps that the race lasted, Fernández went the other way… He completed the first lap in fourth position, but then Forato and Herlings himself would overtake him to leave him in sixth just ahead of Febvre, so it was enough to keep his third place in the World Cup with 11 points over the Frenchman. Thus, the two Spaniards start the MXGP of France by slightly increasing the distance with their rivals, we will see if once Sunday is over the same can be said.

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French MXGP Qualifying Results

Results Classification MXGP of France 2023.
Results Classification MXGP of France 2023.MXGP

This is how the MXGP World Championship goes

This is how the World Cup goes at the MXGP of France 2023.
This is how the World Cup goes at the MXGP of France 2023.MXGP

Third for Guillén in another victory for Duncan

Daniela Guillén, with GasGas.
Daniela Guillén, with GasGas.John Paul Acevedo

Daniela Guillén continues without getting off the top of WMX by finishing third in the first French race, which allows her to stay second in the World Cup, yes, a little further from the lead. Because Courtney Duncan took the victory again, coming back from fourth place by beating the Spanish and the Italian Fontanesi, who started first. Thus, she has five points more than Daniela and there are already 15 points ahead with five sleeves to go. Finally, Gabriela Seisdedos did not participate due to her right hand injury.

Race 1 in France and WMX World Championship

Race 1 and WMX World Championship in France 2023.
Race 1 and WMX World Championship in France 2023.MXGP

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