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Immediately after the footballer neymar will launch his new project to create a personalized cruise called “Neymar en Alta Mar”, (“It will be 3 days and 3 nights of a lot of daring and joy, celebrating everything that our Ney likes the most outside the courts!”, he wrote the official page of the Brazilian), Social networks have been revolutionized. So much so that, less than 24 hours after its launch, the seats for the cruise were already completely exhausted.

This sudden sporting success and not the vile ticket (read big face dollars), as was said somewhere, led to wolf danger to tempt some tourism entrepreneurs Argentines to set up tours, cruises and other tourist circuits around the figure of certain renowned Argentine soccer players.

The first crack with which it occurred to us to create a cruise was, of course, Lío Messi: “Me Lío de Janeiro” would be called, it would travel the Brazilian coasts with La Pulga and Antonella at the helm recreating the iconic and romantic scene from “Titanic”, and 500 Argentine fans-tourists on deck giving life to the “Andá pa’ allá bobo Fest” and singing non-stop that “Brazil tell me what it feels like”.

The idea was good, but it could not be. The Argentine ambassador in the neighboring country, the “Pichichi” Scioli, asked us not to try and without much diplomacy, he suggested that we stop breaking the… Mercosur protocols.

Who do we turn to then? To Lío’s friend, the now influencer Kun Agüero, to see if he would help us “influence” people. And we create an attraction all inclusive cruise to Cancun: “Travel to the Caribbean Kun the best. Travel to Can Kun on a Cruise with the Kun Agüero. Morfi, chupi and living la vida loca next to the Crack of football and his Dream Team. 6 days of joda corrida, stream and love to the Mexican”. It couldn’t be either. We found out that his current girlfriend, Sofía Calzetti, with whom Kun is in Miami, He “shod” the proposal on the fly and threatened to “Shoe it” from a Caribbean pineapple if he accepted.

We were testing new soccer tourism formulas: we invented the “Noodle Tour through Los Angeles with the Ángel Di María of the goal”. It didn’t work either.

We tried “Hay mar con Aimar” with el Payasito in Mar del Plata and in Pinamar with Jefecito Mascherano: “This summer you become a hero. There is more summer with Mascherano”. We almost became poor. did not walk

Then we turned to the figure of the AFA boss, we conceived the “Tour de Mar Chiquita with ChiquiTapia”. It lasted less than tano Daniele De Rossi in Mouth. We dropped the “Ship of Joy” project in San Bernardo with the little youthful star xeneize, and hopefully the only project we have left standing will work, the new contest “And if we put together a Doll” in San Clemente del Tuyú, where we will have a contest of sand statues of the Gallardo Doll. A festival of lumps of sand is heralded. Let’s hope it works. To cross your fingers.

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