MD: Xavi plans Barça 2023-24 with Messi

The difficult courtship Messi keep it up. And it goes beyond the statements of former teammates and technicians. As reported Sports world This Friday, the seduction of the Argentine runs in three ways. The contact between Jorge Messifather of the player, with Joan Laporta and also the role of Alejandro Echevarria, former brother-in-law of the president who was already reported this week by the newspaper Ara. That, plus the good relationship between Xavi and Messi.

Such is the confidence that the coach is beginning to have in the return of the best player in the history of the club that, always according to Sports worldit is talked about in the planning of the barca 2023-24. Xavi go to Messi like that fourth playmaker midfielder. Last year, the technician was committed to the arrival of Bernardo Silva to help Pedro in the construction task. Now he has faith that things will improve and the Portuguese will go to Messiwhich would form part of that famous square in the center of the field.

In addition to the works of laporta, Alejandro Echavarria and Xavi, Catalonia Radio He also reported this week on a poll in the locker room to find out what a booth with new leadership thinks about the return of Messi and received positive inputs, which would facilitate the re-entry into the dressing room of a player who, moreover, would have the best accomplice in Sergio Busquetswhich could postpone your decision to leave the barca to match again with your friend.

In parallel, however, Messi also look at the rest of the options that are open to you. The Argentine handles an offer to renew the psg and has a dizzying proposal from Saudi football. He Inter of Miami she also dreams of him. Among those four options should be his future. As long as, of course, the barca not be punished for Uefa with a year without participating in European competitions and, in addition, the club makes an egg in its salary mass so that Tebas gives the green light to its registration in the established margins of financial fairplay.

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