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McDonalds launches unique ‘McNugget’ crypto universe

Met bitcoin bij McDonald's betalen, het kan sinds kort in deze stad

Yesterday, fast food giant McDonald’s took its first steps in the metaverse. They do this with their own metaverse completely in the theme of the McNugget. The advances “into the metaverse” are in honor of the famous chicken McNugget’s 40th anniversary. With this, McDonald’s joins a large group of companies that have already taken their first steps in the metaverse.

Maccie embraces Web3

Previously, companies such as Nike, Adidas, Coca Cola and Gucci already entered the Web3 world. With the Hong Kong-based branch of McDonald’s launching its own metaverse world, the fast food chain is yet another influential conglomerate to embrace Web3.

However, McDonald’s is not entirely new in the Web3 world. In the past, the company has already launched several NFTs in the United States and China. With the launch of the McNugget metaverse, McDonalds is now taking the next big Web3 step.

McDonalds uses the metaverse project The Sandbox (SAND) for its metaverse launch. The Sandbox is a platform that uses Ethereum (ETH) and together with Decentraland (MANA) is perhaps the most prominent metaverse platform. The platform gives users the ability to create, monetize and customize gaming experiences.

Only in Hong Kong

For now, McDonald’s metaverse land is only available to customers in Hong Kong. For example, until August 28, users can play games in the Mac metaverse world and collect SAND tokens and McDonald’s coupons.

The launch of the digital chicken nuggets world in Hong Kong comes as no surprise. Hong Kong is currently perhaps the most crypto and Web3 friendly country in the world. Since the beginning of this year, the city-state has been doing its best to manifest itself as a global crypto hub. For example, several pro-crypto laws were introduced.

Numerous companies have already moved to Hong Kong to get started in the local crypto and Web3 sector. Earlier this month, the government of the Asian city-state even announced that it was setting up a Web3 team to accelerate the adoption of crypto and Web3 even more. With the launch of McDonald’s, this plan seems to soon be paying off.

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