McCollum’s terrifying story: “He approached me with a knife”

Errick McCollum experienced a terrifying episode with his family in the underground parking lot of a shopping center in Izmir (Turkey). The base of Pinar Karsiyaka was threatened with a knife by another driver for a parking space, according to a Twitter account.

“My friends-fans in Izmir. I reported the owner of this white Mercedes to the police. He acted like an idiot for my parking spot and approached my car aggressively until I got out and saw that I was much bigger (1.88 meters) -younger (34 years) than him, ”he narrates on the network. Social. “Then he came up to me with a knife and that’s when people stopped him”.

The brother of NBA star CJ McCollum, a shooting guard for the New Orleans Pelicans, took a photo of the alleged shooter so fans and police can identify him. “There was a confrontation, but the good citizens of the mall intervened and physically restrained him. Who knows how far it would have gone. The worst part is that I was with my pregnant wife and two year old son. So I had to make sure they were safe,” continues the American.

McCollum continued to recount the altercation by answering questions from colleagues on social media. “I thought I was going to have to kill this man, but luckily I didn’t.”, replied Fenerbahçe center Johnathan Motley.

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