McCollum, on Campazzo: “I can’t stand it”

Facundo Campazzo’s stage in the NBA is over, but his figure is still remembered from time to time. One of the last times he’s been on the JJ Reddick podcast, The Old Man and The Threea program that is already famous and in which the former player, an excellent shooter when he was active, is getting great statements and headlines. The last to go there was CJ McCollum, formerly of the Blazers and current star of the Pelicans, who was in charge of talking about Campazzo, against whom he faced off in the NBA… and praising and criticizing him at the same time .

What was the name of the small player from the Nuggets? He is now in Europe. Facu”. That’s how McCollum started talking about the former Nuggets, with a little disregard. It was the answer to a question from Reddick about, attention, who were the most hated players of his. And McCollum, after a little hesitation, quickly mentioned the former Nuggets, today at Red Star Belgrade. “I can’t stand him, but he’s a great European player”, added the escort, who also said that he would like his brother, Errick, who plays in the Turkish League, to face the Argentine.

The moment in which Campazzo and McCollum spent the longest time on the track was in the point guard’s first season in the NBA. In the first round of said playoffs, Jamal Murray was injured and the Argentinian had a lot of minutes, in addition to having to defend Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum in certain parts of the game. The Colorado team beat the Blazers 4-2 and advanced to the Conference semifinals, where they lost to the Suns. Campazzo averaged more than 9 points and 5 assists in that series, in which McCollum went to more than 20 points.

That series seems to have left its mark on MCCollum, who today remembers how Campazzo, who has always had a reputation for being a tough player, defended him during various moments in the series. In one way or another, both players are today at different points in their careers: McCollum left the Blazers project to sign for the Pelicans, while Campazzo has finished his adventure in the best League in the world to return to Europe and plays today for Red Starto. Two destinies that were intertwined, but never came together and a memory, that of McCollum, who today defines Campazzo as a player he couldn’t stand. Things that happen.

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