McCarthy is confident that he has achieved the support to preside over the US Lower House

Republican congressman Kevin McCarthy assured this Wednesday that he is confident that he has achieved sufficient support to preside over the US House of Representatives, after his historic defeat on Tuesday, in which he lost three votes.

"I think we will reach 218"declared the congressman to the media upon entering the US Capitol, referring to the number of supports he needs to be elected "speaker" of the camera.

"We are talking", briefly added the candidate, who in the last hours has tried to win the support of the wayward congressmen, who on Tuesday refused to offer him their support in three votes. In the first two there were 19 and in the third 20.

Around noon the Lower House will resume its session and the congressmen are expected to vote again, since the body cannot operate without a "speaker"the third authority in the country, after the president, Joe Biden, and the vice president, Kamala Harris, who presides over the Senate.

The regulation does not contemplate any other alternative to continuing to repeat votes until someone achieves the necessary majority.

The right wing of the Republican Party, grouped in the so-called Freedom Caucus, keeps the election of the new leader of the House of Representatives blocked, which cannot start until a new "speaker" be chosen.

Tuesday’s was the first time since 1923, exactly a century ago, that the Lower House failed to name its president in a first vote.

The ultraconservative congressmen make McCarthy ugly for not having negotiated with them a reform of the debate rules or the names to lead the congressional committees in the new legislature.

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