McCarthy borders on a majority but loses again in the US House of Representatives.

Republican congressman Kevin McCarthy lost again for the thirteenth time in the vote to be elected president of the US House of Representatives but it touches the majority, after managing to scratch one more support.

Faced with the 20 ultra-republicans who refused to support him until Thursday, the Californian achieved this Friday, in the previous vote, the twelfthchange the vote of a large part of the congressmen who rejected him and in this thirteenth he obtained more support.

Thus, he only has to convince two others from the group of ultra Republicans, reluctant to become the next "speaker" of the lower house.

During today’s two ballots, Republicans in favor of McCarthy have cheered on each of the congressmen who have changed their vote, on the fourth day of a grueling and chaotic week at the US Capitol.

McCarthy achieved a total of 214 votes in favor after having managed, after arduous meetings held in recent days, to change the vote this Friday of 15 congressmen, 14 who previously supported other candidates and one more who had abstained until now.

So a new vote will have to be held. the number 14and to win it, McCarthy would have to win the support of at least two of the six lawmakers who still reject him and could afford to have four fail to endorse him.

In this thirteenth round Democrat Hakeem Jeffries got 212 votes, those of all congressmen from his party, while the six wayward Republicans voted for other candidates who were not officially nominated but whose names they gave when voting.

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Florida legislator Matt Gaetz, an ally of former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) and a member of the ultra-conservative Freedom Caucus group, is one of the most reluctant to McCarthy’s presidency and in his speech today he assured that the California legislator will not get the votes needed "Not today, not tomorrow, not next week, not next month".

It is, therefore, one of the hardest nuts to crack for the Californian, who aspires to become "speaker"an important political figure in the country whose functions include setting a large part of the legislative calendar, deciding which projects are voted on and when.

Without a president of the Lower House, the 118th legislature of Congress cannot start and the only option to elect him is to continue voting until a candidate reaches a majority.

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