Home Sports Mbappé’s insult to Neymar shocks world football

Mbappé’s insult to Neymar shocks world football

Mbappé’s insult to Neymar shocks world football

In football, insults are passed by all kinds of connotations, but rarely is that seen between two teammates, and more than the level of Mbappé and Neymar fall for that game. The truth is Kylian has emphasized the Brazilian with an insult in the middle of a game, after the South American missed a pass that could have ended in a goal.

Specifically, he has said clochard, which is a term widely used to refer to a temporary worker. In Spanish this has another meaning, and is focused on a much stronger insult. Which of course has not liked, and has made the spirits rise. The two stars were already touched, and more after the French’s statements about his decision to leave the club.

As things about football, the ninja turtle has described it to the media. Everyone wants to win, and they are no exception, he has concluded by affirming. In the end, everything remains on the pitch and life returns to normal, but given the Brazilian’s reaction, things don’t seem so simple. Neymar has been the sporting leader of PSG, and does not seem to be very happy with the attitudes of the star emerged in Monaco.

In addition, it is necessary to put in that context the arrival of Leo Messi, who is one of Ney’s great friends, and who has made his environment favor him more. Together with the scandal of the departure of PSG and his desire to reach Real Madrid, it is a very convulsed environment that has ended up exploding. For now it has remained like this, and everything is focused on the semi-finals of the Nations League and qualifying for the World Cup, where their participation is confirmed.

Kylian has not been able to hide it, and it is that he always considered Cristiano Ronaldo better than the Argentine star. Now, playing on the same side, he has come out to face it, saying that he never considered the arrival of Leo to the French team. He was one of those stars that you would never believe would arrive, he even said that he thought he would continue his entire sporting life at FC Barcelona.

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