Mbappé vanishes the dream of Feignies-Aulnoye

PSG may end up paying at the end of the season for having gotten used to Kylian Mbappé deciding every game for him this season. Just in the year in which the contract ends, the forward is experiencing an unstoppable ascent towards infinity. It produces, marks, assists, dribbles, generates superiorities… It does it all. Today, against the modest Feignies-Auloyes, the former Monaco player had no mercy and again led the victory of his team, forcing two penalties of which he transformed one and scoring the third of the

Those of Pochettino, today with Ramos in the eleven and with the young Xavi Simons accompanying Icardi and Mbappé in attack, they were not long in getting ahead on the scoreboard. It was through Mbappé, who cares little that there is a fifth division team in front of him to continue marking the differences. The French international invented a majestic move to force the penalty that the forward himself would end up transforming. With less than a month to be free to negotiate with the team he wants, he is in the prime of his career.

The modest Feignies-Auloye was a team that, despite being light years away by level of the squad of even PSG substitutes, fought throughout the game. He tried to adjust forces through the physical and came to intimidate Keylor Navas’ area on several occasions. What the Valenciennes stadium did not understand, full to see the stars of PSG, is why the referee signaled a penalty in a struggle by Mbappé with a defender and not minutes later with Ramos, who made a very clear penalty to Sambou, but the referee saw nothing punishable in the action. This time, it was Icardi who made it 0-2, practically sentencing the match before the break.

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As if it were a déjà vú, Mbappé repeated the same pattern when exiting the locker room tunnel. Ramos was replaced by Dagba at half-time and the right-back scored the French international’s second goal of the night with Xavi Simons. that does not rest even when it has to. The PSG put the handbrake with the party on track and the result did not change again until the end.

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