Mbappé, master move

There were few doubts left, but against Real Madrid he was in charge of dispelling them all with a stroke of the pen: Mbappé placed himself with his goal in the Parc des Princes at the top of the world football podium. A position that the individual awards have been denying him, year after year: he has not passed fourth position either in the Ballon d’Or, or in The Best (both positions, in 2018). But also a nickname that his performances in the best competition in Europe give him; It’s nothing new This past Wednesday it was just one year since his exhibition at the Camp Nou against Barcelona, ​​in which he scored three of the four PSG goals.

Against Madrid he could only score one, but his performance transcended the scoreboard (four shots on goal, four good dribbles out of six, a provoked penalty…) and also had symbolic weight: it’s not just another goal if it’s against Madrid, the team that has always wanted him and to which he always wanted to go, especially after the events of last summer. In the white club the sensations are mixed, bittersweet: the defeat is regretted with a goal in 94′, although he breathes with relief as it is a traceable result and looks to the future with hope if, as everyone expects, Mbappé ends up in Madrid from July 1, once his current contract with PSG has expired.

Thierry Henry, who has a good personal relationship with the MVP of the night at the Parc des Princes, said about that on English TV: “After wanting to go to Madrid, they booed him, the press attacked him, and he never said a word. He worked, he played well and he found the reward. It’s difficult for me, because I’m French and I should want it to stay in Ligue1, but They have not shown him love and another team has. I don’t think it will stay”. It should be remembered that last December 2021 an interview conducted by Henry with Mbappé was published, in which his future had its share of prominence; The former striker for Arsenal, Juventus and Barcelona, ​​in addition to having plenty of experience, has a privileged point of view. PSG knows that the footballer’s thinking is along those lines and that is why the French press already reported this week that the club was planning to launch a new offensive to renew him shortly; So far, all attempts have been unsuccessful. Mbappé, until now, does not want to continue in Paris.

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Ancelotti: “Mbappe is unstoppable”

From a battering ram of the past to one of the present: Robert Lewandowski, who gave an interview to L’Èquipe in which he glossed over Kylian’s virtues. “It is important to always be hungry, Mbappé is the perfect embodiment of this. I love its dynamism, its explosiveness. I have no doubt that he will make football history.” said the Pole. Ancelotti himself spared no praise after seeing how he had brought down the white wall when the 0-0 draw was already being celebrated on the white bench: “He is unstoppable, the best in Europe.”

Some praise that also appeared in the press around the world. “Mbappé, the superhero who saves (again PSG)”, headlined Le Parisien, newspaper of head of the club of the French capital. “The feeling that Mbappé is the best in the world is getting stronger; he was irrepressible, devastating ”, summarized La Gazzetta dello Sport. “Mbappé leaves Madrid drooling with what they can expect next season,” said the English The Sun. And from Argentina, Olé was unleashed in praise of the virtuosity of his goal: “A colossal work”.

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