Mbappé, and now what?

It is the first line and you will already be tired of this article. Logical. But we regret to inform you that she is history, more interminable than Michael Ende’s, points to everlasting. Again. Take a seat, if you have tila and temperance left, at the table with a thousand and one lanterns. Because there are, that is the only certainty of a exhausting soap opera: someone does not show his cards. He may not be lying, but he is not telling the whole truth either. So everything continues in a deep quagmire, wandering on the thin rope of the grays. Of the words that the wind takes away and the feet of lead. Of the ‘I stay’ and at the same time, ‘either renew or leave’. Incompatibilities that turn the path into a labyrinth. They drive anyone crazy, from clubs to fans. How – the hell – is this summer going to end with Mbappé? There are people who, right now, would pay more for that answer than for knowing the next lottery number.

To the Khelaïfi and Mbappé, the day of his renewal until 2025... that finally has been until 2024.
To the Khelaïfi and Mbappé, the day of his renewal until 2025… that finally has been until 2024.EFE Agency

All to get out of a loop that has a key: Mbappé is not going to renew until 2025… and he is not going to leave this summer either. Or so he says. Because remember about the lead feet, since the footballer created a dangerous precedent a year agowhen he verbally committed himself to Real Madrid and later, where he said ‘I say’, he had said ‘Diego’. So for absolutely everything in this matter, unless it is written and signed, there will always be an aura of doubt. But what you work with is this. Kylianwhen saying “no” to Real Madrid, renewed until 2025in a contract that had cheating: it really was until 2024, with the possibility of the player extending one more year. It depended on him, but he had to activate it (and before this July 31). He psg he took so much for granted that it would be like that, that in the enlargement act he photographed a ‘2025′ shirt. But just a few weeks later, boom.

Letter: I do not renew

Was the L’Equipe who got the exclusive: on July 15, 2022, the player sent a letter to PSG announcing that this extra year that he could activate would not happen. Sharp, determined. He contracted it, despite the gold of the ‘2025 ′ shirt, finally it would be until 2024. And the apocalypse broke out. The floors of the market trembled, the walls of the offices and the foundations of the Eiffel Tower. Because that meant a red alert at PSG (Is it going to go free, then, in 2024?) and an opportunity in Chamartín (can we bring it in for free, then, in 2024?). started a deja vu Dark worthy. And the great debate at Real Madrid was born: Can he be forgiven for what he did? Well, AS made a survey which reflected that 41% do not pardon him, but 58%, yes. Absolute majority (only 1% abstained; of course it is an issue that does not generate indifference).

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PSG presses the red button

The great fear of the Parisians, then, became to avoid the greater evil: lose it free. The anger in Doha It was enormous, huge, of such magnitude, that after hitting a table, They agreed to sell it this summer. Offers would be heard. So, le parisien published that the player’s will was set course for the Bernabéu now, this months. She blew up and blew up and blew up the balloon… until Kylian showed up with a pin named Twitter: “Lies. Getting bigger. I had already said that I will continue next season at PSG, where I am very happy”. And in that fire is everything now: the player insists on staying until 2024, but PSG refuses to risk losing him at zero cost. And Madrid, from a distance, watches the flames. Discreet.

Kylian Mbappé, with France, very serious.
Kylian Mbappé, with France, very serious.BENJAMIN CREMELAFP


The question is that the relationship between club and player seems raw. Because their positions are antonymous, they continue to be. KylianConcentrated with France, he went to a press conference and repeated the phrase that hurts so much in the Parque de los Príncipes: “Staying at PSG is my only option at the moment”. But without renewing, of course. To add a dart for the “anger” that had been generated in Doha: “I never thought that a letter could kill or offend someone. Also, she was not sent now… there are things that I miss.” You see, erre that erre. Mbappé’s position is inexorable: he has a contract until 2024 and he is going to stay. Spot. But not, the PSG does not yield. And days ago she decided to go further: gave him a ultimatum‘either you renew or we sell you now’. The deal is really far away. But at this point we remind you, once again, that this is all a game of poker. Doubt by decree.

Okay… but what does Madrid do?

Well, it is, without a doubt, the part that transmits more stability: It is undeniable that there is interest in the player, but calm down. Prudence. If the club learned anything from the past, it is that it is a signing with which you have to be cold-blooded. Very cautious. So, his intention is to sign it on summer of 2024, when the contract ends and it would arrive for free. But they do not rule out any hypothesis and manage that PSG, if he is transferred this summer, will ask for 200 million euros. Meetings will take place soon between Al Khelaïfi and Mbappé’s entourage, perhaps to build bridges, perhaps to blow them up for good. But the cold war keeps heating up and while Kylian refuses to renew and the club pushes him to leave… he shares next season’s Ligue 1 calendar on his networks. Raise the bet at a table that goes long. And for intense He Madrid He also plays and for the moment, he observes. Outlining a half smile. Welcome, now, to July.

Florentino Pérez puts on his tie.
Florentino Pérez puts on his tie.Getty Images

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