Mayuri said goodbye to cinema after being “sacrificed”. Do you know why she’s now called “Google Girl”?

In 1996, a film came out … Naam Tha Papa Kehte Hain … The nameplate of this film did not stay at the box office, but one of the songs of the film “Ghar Se Nikalte Hi” and its actress caught everyone’s attention and stayed forever in my heart. Today the story is about the same actress because today is her birthday. Certainly we are talking about Mayuri Kongo. In the birthday special we introduce you to a few stories from Mayuri’s life.

Mayuri Kango was born on August 15, 1982 in Aurangabad, Maharashtra and she already achieved this fame with her first film which every actress still longs for. Mayuri starred in the movie Papa Kehte Hain and became one of the biggest stars in the industry overnight. In fact, she appeared in this film with Jugal Hansraj. Although this film failed to work, both the hero and heroine of the film managed to make a name for themselves.

The story of Mayuri Kango’s Bollywood entry is also very cinematic. It’s actually about the days when Mahesh Bhatt was shooting the film Papa Kehte Hai. He was looking for such a face that is completely innocent and new to see. Mahesh Bhatt’s quest was fulfilled in the form of Mayuri Kango. He liked Mayuri so much that Mahesh Bhatt, upon seeing her, said that only this blue-eyed girl would be the main heroine of his next film. Mayuri became a star in her first film, but after that she didn’t get the roles she wanted. He spent time in the industry playing small roles, but his luck was so poor that half of Mayuri’s films never got released.

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It is worth noting that Mayuri Kango made her Bollywood debut with the film Naseem. On the other hand, Mayuri Kango worked in films like Betaabi, Hogi Pyar Ki Jeet, Mere Apne, Badal, Papa the Great, Jung, Shikari, Vamsi, Jeetenge Hum and Kashmir Hamara Hai etc. Mayuri Kango’s last film was Kurbaan, which was released in 2009 cinemas came. However, Mayuri has not been as famous in any other film as Papa Kehte Hain. In such a situation, he thought it better to stay away from the world of cinema.

Please tell that after leaving Bollywood NRI Mayuri married Aditya Dhillon and moved to New York. He did his MBA in Marketing in New York. It is said that after some time he moved to Google India where he was put in charge of the industry boss. Please say that Mayuri also has a son.

Mayoori Kango Papa Kehte Hain

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