Mayra Bello prepares album and premieres “Parranda de Navidad”

The artist Mayra Bello, known for her long years in various orchestras such as Los Toros Band, returns with her own group, with which she brings her first merengue album entitled “Con más dulzura”.

The also former member of La Artillería and former showgirl of Milly Quezada is promoting the musical “Parranda de Navidad”, an original song by the singer Tania, from Venezuela, with arrangements by Manny Pi.

“I am very happy with this work that I have under my arm and from December 13 I will be working personally in the Dominican Republic, where Parranda de Navidad has been playing on tropical radio stations,” the Dominican artist residing in New York.

“With more sweetness”, his new album, contains songs like: “Ese Hombre”, with arrangements by Winston De Jesús, as well as "I don’t cry for crying" ‘My darling" “La toxica”, “Enamorada”, among others, with arrangements by Manny Pi.

This work will be released under the Cayena Records LLC label, by Mayra Bello and Manny Pérez, with the representation and management of “Oye Enterprises”.

Mayra has her own orchestra that accompanies her in each of her presentations, with the ability to make merengue, bachata, salsa, ballads and other musical genres that she is capable of interpreting.

In 2008, Mayra made the decision to launch herself as a soloist and a year later she made her dream come true, with the recording of her first album to the rhythm of bachata, entitled “No dudes”

“Tribute to the greats of the bolero” was another album that she released, in which she paid tribute to female performers of that genre, with which she has remained active performing in different places.

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To her work team, Mayra refers that the Puerto Rican promoter, Raúl Rivera, has been added, who has been doing promotional work with the artist of great importance.


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