Mayor’s Office recovers space operated the Painting market for more than 30 years

After more than thirty years operating in the open air on H Street, close to Avenida Isabel Aguiar and the 27 de Febrero prolongation, the improvised market occupied by merchants at the Pintura bus stop, in Herrera, Santo Domingo Oeste, was endowed with formally by the municipal authorities with the construction of a warehouse.

The ship is divided between booths and tables for the relocation of the positions.

As revealed by the trustee of the Santo Domingo Oeste municipality, José Andújar, it can be preliminarily stated that some RD$25 million have been invested in the adaptation of the closed area that will also have sales areas for more than 300 merchants, with a space nursing and permanent police supervision.

“The investment has not yet been closed, but it is around 25 million pesos… The inauguration will be after everyone is inside, everything is organized and they are satisfied,” Andújar confirmed before the evident entry of merchandise into the place that began yesterday. Sunday.

The design of the site took about three months and the adaptation a year and a half, and concluded with 216 tables and 105 stores, for which vendors must pay a single amount of RD$30,000 for those who have booths and RD$15,000 for those who only use tables, in addition to a weekly maintenance payment of RD$250.

“They are going to pay 250 pesos a week for maintenance, which will include security personnel, cleaning personnel, and maintaining the cleanliness of the nurses’ area,” he said.

Order on public roads

The mayor indicated that since he assumed his position, in the current government, the recovery of public spaces that are used as commercial areas had been in his plans, including the space of the traditional painting market.

“We have plans to recover public spaces and precisely both the flea market and the truckers of 12, in Las Caobas, Boechío in Hato Nuevo, all of that was part. They are in public spaces and we first set up a place to give them a better living condition, to then obtain relocation”, he revealed, stressing the more than thirty years of the open-air bazaar without regulation.

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Likewise, Andújar commented that the qualification of the fair in a closed space serves as an incentive for people to feel more confident in buying their products, in a “decent, hygienic and safe place.”

In addition to this, he said that the premises in front of the site, where Inespre used to work and then the first lady’s office, was now granted by the State to carry out a second stage of the market.

view of the merchants

Merchants agree that it will be beneficial to have organization now.

“We are fine, thank God, hoping to be able to locate ourselves and we are going to see if it is better to be in there. I see it as more comfortable, but we have to see if it will really be like that”, said Luis Javier, who has worked there for four years.

Julio Mileda, with 23 years in the painting market, said that “as long as it is specifically for merchants,” he agrees. However, he assured that the way in which the procedure has been developed is not correct, since they are being entered “like animals” in an unfinished place.

“They are entering one there like animals. Those people have not finished that, they are making a fool of themselves and it is the bad one that you have to enter. He did not complain to me that they have given me or they have not given me, because they are selling me es”, said the merchant.

The seller understands that if they are evicting him, it is free that they have to locate him within the plaza.


Open-air market

for more than 30 years

The recovery of public space will facilitate vehicular and people traffic, since the merchants occupied the roads in the area, including the sidewalks.

In addition, the new location and organization of product sales generates an important change in terms of hygiene and sanitation.

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