From the txuri-urdin box they can have an opportunity with the striker

The Real society keep up with the market where he will seek to get the signing of Antoine Griezmann. The attacker of Atletico Madrid is one of those called to leave the Wanda Metropolitan and despite the decline in his performance, he has no shortage of suitors. Of course, it will not be an easy incorporation.

Let us remember that the french battering ram He has not had his best form next to Diego Simeon and he is also one of the highest chips in the club. This has begun to have serious consequences on the rojiblancos’ finances, so they will have to make important decisions.

Atletico Gerard Moreno
The French striker would set course for Real Sociedad

From Real Sociedad they define the price for Griezmann

In this way, Real Sociedad has made clear the maximum price it will have to pay for Griezmann. Those of Anoeta know that they cannot assume the high amounts that the player wants and there is only one key possibility. The footballer intends to change scenery, but he will also have to make sacrifices.

It has been established then that for the arrival of the Gallic attacker, his chip will have to be reduced by half. From Atlético de Madrid there is some tension, since they need to leave the player soon, since his presence complicates the mattress coffers. They want to balance their wage bill and will accept lower offers.

Those from Anoeta do not want to give large sums for the French

Although there is talk that Griezmann could go to Real Sociedad for around 15 million euros, the price of his record will be decisive. In any case, Imanol Alguacil’s team is not willing to pay large amounts for a player, as it could be detrimental in the future.


We will have to wait then for what may happen with the Atlético de Madrid footballer. At the moment, the possibility that exists from the San Sebastián club seems interesting to him, since there he once shone and would have all the support and affection of the fans. The conversations that can be carried out and the player’s disposition will then be decisive.