Maxi Gómez stops Granada CF after urgent call from Cádiz

The two LaLiga EA Sports teams have already signed a center forward, but they want to continue empowering that area, and both have set their eyes on the services of the Uruguayan attacker who wants to return to Spain.

Both Cádiz CF and Granada CF have paid attention to the Uruguayan striker, maxi gomezand from here the head-to-head battle begins. The two squads have already made some signings, and both have already signed a center forward who curiously comes from the same team. The Nasrids brought Shon Weissman, while the gaditanos Sergi Guardiola, from Real Valladolid.

Now they want to continue empowering the offensive plot with Maxi Gómez, who, according to his entourage, is not comfortable in Turkey. Despite having played a good number of minutes for Trabzonspor, he only scored 7 goals and 6 assists.. It is clear that his best habitat is in LaLiga EA Sports, and his agent is working on the prompt return of the Uruguayan.

maxi gomez cadiz
There is no doubt that Maxi Gómez’s best season in Spain was spent at Celta de Vigo.

The opportunities for both Cádiz CF and Granada CF regarding the signing of Maxi Gómez

The Cadista and the Granadinista club meet the first requirement of the South American player, and it is that of being a soldier in the highest category. Now it is necessary to see which squad best suits the other requirements of the striker, and these are those of belonging to the starting eleven. In this sense, who seems to have the advantage is the team led by Paco López.

Right now in the Nazarí squad, there are 2 players in the offensive zone, who play in the same position as Maxi Gómez. While in Cádiz, there are up to 7. The Uruguayan will not like joining a club that has a clear overbooking, knowing that the competition will be so strong, that the minutes could be very few.

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In addition to Cádiz CF and Granada CF, another LaLiga team EA Sports is also interested in Maxi Gómez

A third club from Spain has also been present in the operation of the Uruguayan striker, and perhaps he has more possibilities than the two squads already mentioned.. This is Deportivo Alavés, a team that together with Granada CF was promoted to the first division once again. Coach Luis García only has two troops in the central offensive field, and hiring a third party is of vital importance.

If Maxi Gómez wants to evaluate the chances he has in each team of being a starter and shining again as he did with Celta de Vigo, the team from Vitoria is his best option. Of course, the offers from Cádiz and Granada could be much better, but that will be evaluated by the Uruguayan’s agent. For now, the return of the striker to Spanish football is approaching.

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