Max Verstappen ‘sign’ for Alinghi Red Bull Racing

Alinghi Red Bull Racing received an exceptional visit this Thursday. max verstappen went to the team base in Barcelona to see the preparations for the Swiss challenge for the 37th America’s Cup before the Spanish Grand Prix, which will take place this weekend at the Montmeló circuit. In this way, the Formula 1 driver changed the circuits for the sea.

The two-time world champion was able to see first-hand the high technology of Alinghi Red Bull Racing during a visit to the Barcelona headquarters, which included meetings with the designers and crew members, as well as a session in the Swiss squad simulator in company of his skipper, Arnaud Psarofaghis. Verstappen’s experience in the America’s Cup was not only virtual, since the pilot also had the opportunity to sail aboard the Chase Boat. “I’ve had a great day with Alinghi Red Bull Racing and skipper Arnaud Psarofaghis. They took me on the boat to see up close what the team is doing and I loved it. It was great to hear the opinions of the crew and to hear them talk about the technical part. It is always good to understand a little more about this aspect. Both Formula 1 and sailing are based on communication and teamwork. When I’m in the car, I check in with a lot of people to check that everything works over the course of a race weekend, and the same is true here with the team of eight sailors. It’s about having good communication and working together to get the best result. Besides, it might rain on the weekend and since i’ve been in the water before, even this might help”, commented Max Verstappen.

For the members of Alinghi Red Bull Racing, meeting Max was an opportunity to hear from a champion with similar experience competing in a sport that rewards precision, preparation and the perfect blend of technology and commitment. “It has been incredible to have the opportunity to exchange with someone who is at the top of his discipline like Max is. We have a lot to learn from his approach to high technology and racing under pressure. If we compare Formula 1 and our boat, Max is alone in his car and has to make quick decisions on his own on the track. On our boat, we are eight people on board, we have to communicate with each other and be perfectly coordinated to perform”, said skipper Arnaud Psarofaghis.

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This visit by Max Verstappen confirms the importance of having Red Bull as Alinghi Red Bull Racing prepares for the 2024 edition of the Copa América with the support of Red Bull Advanced Technologies, Red Bull’s high-tech engineering solutions division , who draws on his expertise in aerodynamics, composite materials, software and simulations to help the Swiss team achieve success on the race course. Oracle Red Bull Racing and Red Bull Advanced Technologies Technical Director Adrian Newey, Formula 1 designer, joined Verstappen on a visit to the Swiss Challenge base in Barcelona to see how the team is progressing on the development of its AC75 boat. and chatted with Marcelino Botín. “It has been a great experience. There are great parallels between Formula 1 and what happens at Alinghi Red Bull Racing, as all the systems are very similar to our world: aerodynamics, hydrodynamics and lightweight composite materials. In addition, there is a synergy between the human being and the machine. We have a lot to learn, and it shows, since the collaboration between the two is paying off. Our boys enjoy working with them and I think Alinghi Red Bull Racing finds our contribution useful. I have really enjoyed seeing this come to life today and I am looking forward to continuing to work together ahead of the 37th Copa América”, added Newey.

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