Max Verstappen imposes a requirement to sign for Ferrari: revolution in F1

The Dutch Formula 1 driver is clear about his requirements in the event that he decides to move to the Italian team next season

max verstappen, the current titan of Formula 1, does not completely rule out a future at Ferrari. However, the storied Italian team would need to build the “fastest car” on the F1 grid to have any chance of attracting the two-time world champion. Verstappen’s continued claims that he could leave F1 at the end of his current contract with Red Bull, which expires at the end of the 2028 season, have had many within the F1 community.

In this way they wonder what the path of the Dutchman’s career could be like before he retires from the sport, of which there are still many years to go. Thus, Verstappen is, without a doubt, the F1 star who Red Bull will continue to support in the years to come, but might he be tempted to switch scenes and take on a different challenge before deciding to pursue other motorsport interests?

Max Verstappen with the two Ferrari drivers

A dream with Ferrari?

People always ask me if I have a dream team.Verstappen said in an interview with Sky F1. “I know Ferrari have an incredible history in F1 and they are a fantastic team to race with, but I always told myself that I just want to be in the fastest car. He stated that he had to wait several years to be in the fastest car and now it’s a great feeling.

“At this stage, if it happens, it happens, but I’m very happy where I am and for me personally, the desire to have to race for a particular team at all costs, no. Some commentators believe that Verstappen’s future could be at Ferrari. “I think Max will end up at Ferrari in a couple of years,” an analyst told On Track GP,’s YouTube channel in association with the Global Fan Network.

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Max Verstappen on the road to greatness

“I wouldn’t be surprised, I think especially if he keeps winning titles and starts to get complacent, and people start to say ‘oh, he’s the greatest of all time?’ Max is the type of guy who says ‘well, I’ll do what Schumacher did: I will take Ferrari from a position where they cannot win, to make them world champions’”. The reason for this speculation is that Max is on his way to greatness.

The pilot has already achieved two World Championships with Red Bull. However, we haven’t seen him do what defines true greats. “When I say that, we look at Schumacher, we look at Senna, Hamilton, and what defines all these guys is that they were able to win in a sub-standard car and take a manufacturer to a position where they weren’t winning at the time, but then they were able to bring them back there.

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