Max Verstappen hires Rupert Manwaring as Carlos Sainz’s coach

There are still a few months until the next Formula 1 season, but the drivers have already started planning and now we have learned that Max Verstappen has welcomed Rupert Manwaring, Carlos Sainz’s previous coach, into his team.

After a historic season in which he broke all sorts of records, Max Verstappen, Red Bull’s star Formula 1 driver, has taken a significant step in his preparation for the 2024 season by hiring Rupert Manwaring as his new personal trainer. This decision comes after the departure of Bradley Scanes and marks an interesting change in the environment of the Dutch driver, who strengthens his team with a professional with extensive experience on the F1 circuit.

Rupert Manwaring’s transfer: From Sainz to Verstappen

Rupert Manwaring, the He has worked with Carlos Sainz since his debut in Formula 1 in 2015, has decided to join Red Bull, leaving behind an eight-year relationship with the Spanish driver. This move not only represents a new opportunity for Manwaring, but also a strategic shift for Verstappen, who wants to maintain his competitiveness at the highest level in the demanding world of Formula 1.

Verstappen brings Ruper Manwaring to Red Bull
Carlos Sainz is without his coach because of Verstappen

Manwaring’s legacy in Formula 1

Manwaring, part of Hintsa Performance, founded by the late Dr. The performance coaching company founded by Aki Hinsta has been active in the world of Formula 1 for many years. Known for his work with Lewis Hamilton and Mika Häkkinen, Hinsta left an important legacy in the field of performance training, a legacy that Manwaring continues.

The family connection: The Verstappen and the Manwaring

Strangely enough, that It is not the first time that the names Verstappen and Manwaring have crossed paths in racing. Jos Verstappen, Max’s father, previously worked with Rupert Manwaring’s father, also called Rupert, in his racing career. This coincidence gives a special nuance to the professional relationship that now exists between Max Verstappen and Rupert Manwaring.

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Impact on Verstappen’s performance

The addition of Manwaring to Verstappen’s team is a strategic move that could have a significant impact on the Dutch driver’s performance. With your experience and knowledge, Manwaring is in a unique position to help Verstappen Embracing the physical and mental challenges of F1 racing, a crucial aspect of staying at the top of such a competitive sport.

Expectations for the 2024 Formula 1 season

With the start of the 2024 season The expectations for Red Bull are high. Formula 1 is a sport where every detail counts and physical and mental preparation is just as important as driving skills. The experience and perspective that Manwaring brings could be crucial to the Dutch rider’s quest to be among the best in the world.

Red Bull is not satisfied with a historic season

Max Verstappen’s decision to hire Rupert Manwaring as his new personal trainer reflects his commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. In a sport where competition is fierce and winning margins are minimal, a solid support team is essential. With Manwaring on board, Verstappen is not just preparing for the challenges of next seasonbut also to continue his career as one of the most outstanding drivers of his generation in Formula 1.

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