Maverick doesn’t hold a grudge against Bagnaia

Maverick and Bagnaia left one of the images of the season at Le Mans. There they suffered a fall together in which some blame the Spanish and others the Italian (for AS it was sin the one that left no room for mack), and then there were some ugly shoves in the escape room that gave way to a handshake when they arrived together, and on the same motorcycle, at the back of their pits. Later, the championship referees called them to order, but there was no penalty for any of them for understanding that it was all a race game. Already in Mugello, they were seated together at the press conference on Thursday and it was recorded that the Aprilia man does not hold a grudge against the Ducati, and vice versa.

When asking the Catalan how the reunion with Bagnaia had been, he smiled at the question, and told this medium in Mugello: “I had already seen it several times and it was perfect. I have the philosophy that what happens on the track stays on the track”. And about the fact that the commissioners in this case did not penalize anyone and everything remained in a race haul, he said: “It is that there are many versions and It can be read in different ways. From my position I would tell you: ‘It’s that he doesn’t give me space’. And from his: ‘It is that he throws himself at me’. It’s very difficult to give an opinion.”

And when I tell him that this season there have been almost as many incidents in just five grands prix as in full seasons of the past, Maverick has his own argument for that: “I don’t think the format influences the aggressiveness of the drivers, but it is true that everyone goes faster and, when there is more equality, there is more battle”. In this sense, Oliveira believes that since they have already tested on Saturday what the race can be like, on Sunday they try to translate all the information from Saturday on the track and he leaves more attacked. For the Aprilia man, the key is that “there is more equality. It is not the same to go half a second faster than one tenth. The fight is different.”

In this sense, there were some statements precisely by Bagnaia, which he later clarified, in which he said that it was good that there were differences between officers and satellites, as in the past. For Maverick, on the other hand, that there is that mechanical equality “is very good. There have been people like Poncharal who have fought hard for mechanical equality, even though economically there is a huge difference. Maybe a satellite team has a 15 or 20% lower budget than a factory one. It is obvious that if there is equality it is much better for the show and for all the drivers to have opportunities”.

Regarding his expectations for Mugello, he assures the following: “I look forward to it. I was looking forward to coming here because I couldn’t train anymore these three weeks. I’m excited and when you’re like this you need to let go of the leash to go full speed. The times say that our bike goes well everywhere. On very different circuits, if we had been right at different times of the weekend, we would have had a chance to win the race. They are details and you have to finish fine-tuning”.

Mack is still within a shot of becoming the first rider to win with three different brands in MotoGP and to do so at Mugello would be very special for him. This racetrack is owned by Ferrari, but it is also the home of Ducati and Aprilia, so he knows perfectly well what a victory on this track would mean for the Noale house. “It would be putting the icing on the cake. It would be spectacular. Not a dream, because it is the objective that we want to achieve, but it would be to return that trust that they have placed in me. It would be brutal to win at Mugello.” judgment.

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