Mauro Icardi: Turkey’s “bad boy”.

Mauro Icardi He’s a different footballer. At least in terms of football, he often didn’t make the best decisions, but he has the qualities of an elite player. A striker with an innate talent for scoring goals, with a great physique, but who also likes to be the protagonist off the pitch. After a decaffeinated step through the psgHe Galatasaray This happened with the services of the “bad boy” who will turn Turkey upside down.

In Istanbul you already know the good old days icardi And they didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to sign a striker of his stature on a permanent basis for just €10m. You have to deal with the big “overbooking”. Luis Enrique inside psg it’s come from pearls too Galatasaray.


Certainly along with Didier Drogba In 2013, the Argentine will be the best ‘9’ the Turkish team has had in the last decade. A footballer who has shown what he is capable of on loan. 23 goals in 26 games, top scorer in the Galatasaray light years from a second, Kerem Akturkoglu (10 goals in 38 duels).

Turkey is too small for it, but France has become too big for it, though not for capacity reasons. No participation during his time at the Prince ParkHis disloyalties and other issues have been talked about more than his on-pitch performances. However, if you are born with the target between your eyebrows, you “die” with it.


icardi He’s one of those forwards who’s intimidating, has a strong character, puts his foot in, makes contact and sticks his elbows out. The typical “9” that no central defender wants to dance with. And he also has a goal. After an adventure through the lower categories of barcademonstrated it in the Samdoria (41 goals in 72 games, including first team and subsidiary), in the Inter Milan (124 targets in 219 clashes) and to a lesser extent in the psg (38 goals in 92 games).

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inside Galatasaray They already know their repertoire, both in front of the goal that was crucial in last year’s title win and off the green, and they’re confident that their special ‘bad boy’ will help them prepare for the group stage of the Champions League to qualify in 2023-24 where they are currently in the second round of qualifying.

The question will always be how far a Mauro Icardi Completely focused on the ball. At the age of 30, the decision seems to have been made Galatasaray permanent is the first step in moving away from top-flight football. Although who knows. At least in Turkey, goals and even more goals are secured for the next X years.

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