Home Sports Mauro Forghieri, iconic Ferrari engineer, dies

Mauro Forghieri, iconic Ferrari engineer, dies

Mauro Forghieri, iconic Ferrari engineer, dies

Ferrari and F1 dress in mourning. Mauro Forghieri, one of the Scuderia’s most legendary engineers, has died at the age of 87 in his native Modena. The Italian, who worked in the Formula 1 team as technical manager, was one of the key pieces of the brand in its many titles. He arrived at the team in 1960 with a scholarship, direct from the University of Bologna, where he had just graduated and, just two years later, was already working on the circuits. All thanks to the good impression he left on EnzoFerrari, founder of the teamwho asked him to lead the project behind the brand of his chief designer, Carlo Chitti.

Since then, He was the great cause of the Ferrari revolution in the 70s, that gave so many joys to the brand. He worked with the team from 1962 to 1984, winning four drivers’ titles (including Niki Lauda’s titles in 1975 and 1977), seven constructors and a total of 54 races. Known as a great retractor of the current DRS regulations, the titles are not the only legacy he left in the Italian factory. And it is that the engineer left great advances that were a great success for the brand in Formula 1: the V8 engine that gave John Surtees the title in 1964, the introduction of rear wings in 1968 or the design of the first transverse automatic gear (known as the ‘T concept’), among many designs.

Forghieri worked in Formula 1 until 1984, when he left his position as technical director at the team to work on the Ferrari 408 4WD concept. As soon as he finished the project, the Italian left Ferrari in 1987. After his time in the team, he worked with Lamborghini, designing the V12 engine that would be used in F1 in 1989 and 1990.

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