Mauricio Macri sets Argentina on fire by “burying” Maradona.

Mauricio Macri He has a prolific resume as a politician, civil engineer, businessman and Argentine sports leader, serving as President and Head of the Argentine Nation between 2015 and 2019 Buenos Aires City Government between 2007 and 2015 and president of the club Atlético Boca Juniors between 1995 and 2007.

Key factor for the victory of Javier Milei in the Argentine elections, also reflected on the current situation of football in Argentina: “When I came back from Qatarthat I had this incredible experience as President of the Foundation FifaI said, “This marks a change of era in Argentina,” and I came back with this theory because of the values ​​with which the Selection. Time is up Maradona definitely, with all the love in the world, because of course he is an idol Maradona, which was disruptive and transgressive. And it was him, everyone depended on him.

Macri made a comparison between the leadership of the fluff and that of Lionel Messi at the last World Cup: “The Argentine national team was world champion with the best player in the world, but it was a team.” Everyone has fulfilled their task and accompanied him. As a completely positive, family-friendly leader, women and their children have a place impressively“He is humble, the most popular man in the world, a role model that the Argentine began to appreciate.”

Statements from Macri which have caused controversy. And the answers didn’t take long to arrive. The Argentine national team Sub 17 celebrated the 5-0 win Venezuela which led him to the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Indonesia with a flag bearing the image of Diego Maradona and the inscription “1960-∞”, a reference to his status as an immortal idol after his sudden fall Death November 25, 2020, almost three years ago Years.

They also refuted him Dalma and Gianinnatwo of the daughters of Maradonawho showed their anger at the words of Macri: “I am insignificant to you, but you are insignificant to him.” World…Not my Father, not even for you, because even after you were in heaven, you continued to dedicate your resentment, your hate, your Time. Is it because he never knelt before your power? I hope that during your time on this earth you will pass on a quarter of the joys that my father gave to Argentines. I hope someone tattoos your name, yours expensivesomeone who is excited by your achievements, who is proud to be Argentine because you are with him Work You represent it to the world.

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Gianinna referred to the same comparison of the candidate for vice president of mouth: “And when you have some time, see what he thinks.” Messi from number 10. I send you a big hug and good luck!”

Dalma He also took to Instagram to share several sentences and tributes uploaded by his father’s fans who were outraged by the PRO leader’s words: “Maradona It is Argentina and we will always keep it alive. “You’re a sellout.”

The eldest daughter of Claudia Villafane He concluded, “This is the part I really don’t understand. Do your thing, talk about your projects. And leave my father alone. You had a lot of time to say things to his face and I didn’t.” they made. They’re all pretty now. The only problem they will have is how much more they want it to ignorethe bigger it gets.”

Fernando SignoriniFitness trainer Maradona During his time as a player and also as a coach, he also responded harshly to Macri: “He is opportunistic, hypocritical and miserable. He made a mistake when.” speak from someone who cannot defend themselves. It must be because he wasn’t a role model for anything. Surely Expression this time. Because the starting positions were also different. Diego started his career in Fiorito because of the perversity of such people who allow people to live there Conditions in which you live. Where is he from? Thanks to Dad.”

The famous announcer also responded Victor Hugo Morales: “He is a coward, even in the consideration that he made with Maradona. Because if you want to argue with him Maradonahave it with me Diegonot with a person who is about to celebrate another death anniversary,” the Uruguayan noted.

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