Mauricio Macri and the elections in Boca: "Where they put me I will be"

Mauricio Macri declared this Monday night that “it will accompany” in the next Boca elections his candidate for president, Andres Ibarraalthough without further details as to whether it will do so on the ballot or in the board of directors.

“I will accompany, yes yes, in the board of directors, yes yes. Wherever they put me I will be. It is a moment to put the shoulder. We are very sad with this present from Boca, not so much for sports but for what surrounds the institution,” Macri replied in a television interview with the channel La Nación + before the question about whether it was going to go on the ballot.

Macri participated in launching act of Andrés Ibarra as a candidate for the presidency of Boca, with the excuse of a new stadium project to expand the capacity of La Bombonera.

The darts to Riquelme

“Boca is the country, it always has been. It has always represented a bit of what is lived in the country. And this institutional crisis that the country has, this aggravated caudillismo that Argentina has is clearly reflected in Boca. A country is credible and reliable… A club, a university, a company, when the rules are above people. When people can do whatever they want, no one trusts,” he said. Macri as a dart to Juan Román Riquelmecurrent second vice president xeneize and main face of the leadership.

“This is what we are living in the club beyond all the love we can have for an idol. I brought Juan Román Riquelme to Boca. But that has nothing to do with running a club. They are two different things,” he added.

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“I have always worked so that Boca is above all and I believe that no one feels like the owner of the club and we have to recover that. You can see personalism, authoritarianism, the lack of harmonious work between the coaching staff, the players and the board. It looks and feels more and more, Sunday by Sunday. They have a wrong vision, it hurts me as a Boca fan,” the former president of Boca and the Nation finally closed.

The elections in Boca

They do not have a defined date, but it is estimated that they will be in December. It is worth remembering that in the last ones in 2019, the list headed by Jorge Amor Ameal, Mario Pergolini -who would resign in early 2021– and Juan Román Riquelme easily prevailed over those of Christian Gribaudo and Juan Carlos Crespi, sponsored by the outgoing Daniel Angelici On that occasion, “Xeneize Identity” obtained 52.9% of the votes, while “La mitad + Vos” obtained 30.6%.

For the year-end elections, Riquelme recently launched his own group “Soy Bostero” and he is debating whether to run for re-election with Ameal as president or directly take the baton. Another who announced that will play in the elections is Mario Pergolini himselflast week.

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