Matzneff case: one of the accusers denounces a certain mess

More than a year and a half of investigation for rape of minors on Gabriel Matzneff, arriving much too late: one of the accusers of the writer, Francesca Gee, denounces a certain mess in a book “The most deadly weapon ”To be published this Tuesday, September 28.

When the publication in January 2020 of the account of Vanessa Springora, “Le Consentement”, recounting the relationship in the 1980s between the teenager and a man aged nearly 50, the Paris prosecutor’s office had opened this investigation. And he had put in big resources, reveals Francesca Gee.

This former British journalist of Italian origin, who worked mainly for Reuters in Paris, knows this from having also had a relationship with Gabriel Matzneff as a teenager in the 1970s.

She knew this man and his habits very well. And officials from the Central Office for the Repression of Violence Against Persons (OCRVP) quickly heard her as a witness.

A policeman quoted in his book on Gabriel Matzneff, “The most murderous weapon”, confided to him, at the beginning of 2020: “We are eleven in total and three, four, five full-time in this matter”.

Prescription foreseen

Little news since then. Francesca Gee only knows that the investigators, after having seized from her publishers all the literature published by a writer now aged 85, are carrying out a Benedictine work to find possible more recent victims of her taste for “the less than 16 years old ”, as he titled a 1974 essay.

They have not found any at this stage, tell AFP judicial and police sources.

Unless there is a rebound, the investigation is moving, due to prescription, towards a classification without continuation, intervening in the coming months, according to a source close to the file.

Asked by AFP, Francesca Gee is not surprised, but sad, by this announced outcome. “The investigation is bogged down… It doesn’t surprise me. When I went to testify in Nanterre, I immediately said that they would not find a victim ”.

Multiple complaints

“I was not expecting much from the criminal investigation because I knew very well that it had been years since Matzneff was doing nothing, or, in any case, that he was no longer telling it”, adds -she.

Francesca Gee’s self-published story could not find a publisher. Regarding the functioning of Gabriel Matzneff, it nevertheless provides a useful complement to that of Vanessa Springora at Grasset editions.

Neither of them lodged a complaint. But there have been multiple complaints, probably dozens. “I do not know how many, but a lot of parents have lodged a complaint,” assures the former journalist. “And he benefited from support which for me remains incomprehensible”.

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