“Matrix Resurrections”: discover the trailer for the fourth installment of the saga

While “Matrix Resurrections”, the fourth installment of the saga, should be released on December 15 at the cinema, a first trailer was unveiled this Thursday, after a series of teasers.

Warner Bros. saw the big picture for this film which promises to be one of the cinematographic events of this end of the year … provided that the release is not postponed due to the health crisis. On September 7, Internet users were able to discover an interactive site entitled WhatIsTheMatrix where everyone can choose between the famous red pill or the blue one and have access to no less than 180,000 short videos.

Almost 20 years after the end of the franchise, actor Keanu Reeves signs his comeback as Thomas Anderson and facing his shrink, played by Neil Patrick Harris, seems not to remember having been in the matrix and to have been Neo. Fantasy or reality, he crosses paths with Trinity, still played by Carrie-Anne Moss. If Jada Pinkett Smith will also make a comeback in Niobe’s skin, there will be newcomers to the cast such as Jessica Henwick or Jonathan Groff. Laurence Fishburn, who was Morpheus in the first three films, is largely absent from this fourth installment.

On the production side, Lana Wachowski, who had directed with her sister Lilly (at the time, before their transition, the brothers Larry and Andrew) the first three parts of the science fiction saga, will be alone in charge.

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