Matiz gets 100,000 euros of financing

The sustainable fashion ecommerce founded in 2021 by the Spanish model Marta Ortiz has obtained a loan participation of the National Innovation Entity (Enisa) for the amount of 100,000 euros to develop technology, foster the customer experience and expand internationally.

The Valencian, one of our most international models and muse of the recently deceased Vivienne Westwood, created the sustainable fashion platform in 2021, after more than 12 years dedicating herself to the world of fashion. Matiz is today a space where sustainable brands come together. In addition, it encourages circular economy with second-hand luxury clothing and is advised by experts in the sector.

In the words of the Spanish model and entrepreneur, “The reception of our proposal by the end customer has been very positive, and beyond the numbers, what really fills us with satisfaction is the loyalty of our customers which is reflected in a repetition rate of 75%”, assured the founder of Matiz”.

100 marks

The marketplace of eco luxury has managed to overcome the 100 fashion brands, beauty and decoration that stand out for the quality of their materials, their production processes and their focus on timeless collections. This is the case of The New Society, Alohas, Lafloid, JC Pajares, Adriana Iglesias or Luj Paris.

emerging brands and other more established ones that endorse ethical standards, local production and minimal waste add to the collection own designed by Marta Ortiz and to the Pre-Loved section, a vertical that lives in a growth boom in response to the rise of the circular economy. In this section, the second hand takes center stage with more than 70 brands among which are: Fendi, Dior, Chanel, Céline, Loewe or Valentino.

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Since Matiz began shooting, just after the pandemic in 2021, the total number of garments sold in ecommerce has exceeded 2,000 and is more than 120 marksnational and international, those who have trusted the platform as a sustainable and digital showcase to market their products.

Matiz was created with the mission of accelerate the transition of the world of fashion to sustainability, creating an e-commerce to give voice to sustainable brands and promote the circular economy. Driven by the rise of e-commerce and consumer awareness, Matiz has generated a turnover of more than 250,000 euros since its launch.

Own collection Hue

The own collection “Matiz Eco Luxury”, created by the Spanish model, is committed to production in Spain and Portugal by Pyratex, a leading R&D company in sustainable fabrics. His iconic sweatshirt It is made with algae fiber and organic cotton, something that makes it antibacterial, breathable and perfect for atopic skin.

He towel effect set It is made with recycled and organic cotton to minimize environmental impact, since cotton is the fiber that needs the most water for its production.

Matiz inaugurated a few days ago its fifth pop up store in Madrid, where loyal clients, instagramersand curious people, met at Calle Tamayo and Baus 6, in Madrid, to learn about the news of the sustainable brands carefully selected by the model.

Born from the need to change the way of producing and consuming fashion, Matiz is today a online platform where you can buy and sell sustainable fashion cool, in addition to a platform at the service of brands that advocate respect for the planet and responsible consumption.

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