Mateusz Bogusz is still sweet

UD Ibiza has found a vein with the Polish Mateusz Bogusz, who is playing for the Ibizan team on loan from Leeds. The European footballer has fitted in perfectly in the Pitiuso block, with which he has already scored three goals and outstanding performances almost every time he has been in the field. But now He is also extending his sweet moment with the U21 team of his country, with whom he shone this Tuesday scoring a goal and giving two assists, the Ibizan club reported on its Twitter.

Poland beat San Marino 3-0 and the Ibiza footballer was a key part of his team in the qualifying meeting for the European of the category, thus demonstrating that he has acquired stripes in the selection. And always looking closely at the possibility of landing one day in the senior team, as he himself commented on the day of his presentation as an Ibiza player.

Bogusz could not be last weekend in the duel that Ibiza played in Cartagena, in which the celestes fell 5-1 and suffered the second consecutive defeat of the season. The islanders missed the Polish footballer, who had been called up for the two matches that his country’s under-21 team was going to play: the one mentioned against San Marino and another against Hungary (which finished 2-2 and played last Friday, October 8).

Bogusz will now focus on his team, which this Sunday has a vital commitment against Mirand├ęs at the Can Misses-Power Electronics stadium. The Pitiusos will try to end their losing streak, which has led them to not score in the last two games played. All after having starred in a brilliant start in Second, by remaining undefeated during the first seven days of the competition. The presence of the Pole will mean a ball of oxygen for Juan Carlos Carcedo, who will recover the man who has the most goal of the staff together with Sergio Castel. Both have scored three goals each.

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In November there will be a new qualifying window for the U21 European Championship, in which Bogusz will surely be called up again, barring a setback. On the 12th of that month, the Polish national team in the category will visit Germany. Meanwhile, on the 16th he will receive Latvia at home.

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