Mateo: “This victory helps us to continue believing”

Chus MateoReal Madrid coach, acknowledged that after “The hard defeat last Tuesday, this victory against Valencia helps to continue believing” in the team and in “our work”.

“It has been a tough, difficult game, the fourth against Valencia this season and we know each other very well. It is a complete team and you can never give it up for dead because it always comes back. When we have defended, the advantages have arrived ”said Matthew.

Valencia was inspired from the three-point line. “They have scored a lot from three points, it is one of their characteristics, but we have given 23 assists and we have read the advantages well. We have not been very successful behind the 6.75 meter line, but we have selected the shots well”he explained.

“The difference in valuation is huge (123-87), but what counts is the result, not the valuation”Chus Mateo finished.

Mumbrú: “We have tried to fight until the end”

Alex MumbrúValencia coach, emphasized the improvement after the break and the fact that his team won “the second part by five points”that “were not enough” to achieve victory.

“The first half was clearly for Madrid, while in the second we won by five points but it wasn’t enough”said Mumbrú.

“We have tried to fight until the end, and we can only congratulate Madrid. We will be ready for the next game, Fenerbahce at home”he added.

The coach also confirmed the casualties of Jaime Pradilla and Kyle Alexander for this Sunday and stated that “Everyone in the Euroleague is playing something. We have four losses in a row but we have competed until the end in three of them”finished Alex Mumbrú.

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