Home Sports Mateo: “In the third quarter we opened a gap that was key”

Mateo: “In the third quarter we opened a gap that was key”

Mateo: "In the third quarter we opened a gap that was key"

The Real Madrid Basketball coach, Chus Mateo, highlighted tonight the great series carried out by the white team despite the first initial scare.

We have had a very good series, although it is true that Joventut surprised us in the first match, in the next three we have played very well. A lot merit the green and black group, has shown a very good level and surely the fact of playing every two days when they are not used to“, said.

An Endesa League playoff requires a lot of physicality and I am happy because we have been able to be patient and keep a cool head. In the third quarter we have opened a gap that was keybut I would like to highlight the good defense carried out”, he added.

Referring to Sergio Rodríguez’s match, Chus Mateo was very clear: “El Chacho has played really well, especially at the end of the game. He has given eight assists, has dominated the rhythm of the game and it has made the rest better off. I’m happy for him, and also for all my teammates, both those who have played and those who haven’t. I hope it lasts this level until the end of the season”.

Regarding everything that happened with Yabusele, the Madrid coach wanted to send a message to all basketball fans in general: “The only thing I can do is keep calm. I would like to talk about basketball and we will try not toor things happen again that have occurred in the past. And I say the same thing about shouting at different players, nobody likes it. This is basketballthe sport we love”.

For this sport we sacrifice many things, it is not necessary to raise the level of tension, boys and girls don’t like this. We had a sanction that we have complied with and I would like to stop talking about this issue. I must convey tranquillity To my team and that’s what I’ll do”, he finished.

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