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Masud Rana I stay: Suman

Masud Rana I stay: Suman

ABM Sumon in conversation with Parimoni in “Booking” by Mizanur Rahman Aryan. Sudeep Kumar Deep spoke to Suman about this short film and various contemporary issues.

How are you doing?

Eito is having a great time with family today (Monday). I’m home the whole day.

There is a lot of discussion with the wife about the child’s admission to school. The two have not yet decided which school they want to enroll at. I mention one school and he mentions another. Let’s see if we finally come to a conclusion!

How did you get a response to “Booking”?

More than I expected.

Many thanks to director Mizanur Rahman Arian. He took a risk with me. The audience has never seen me in such a role. That being said, it was great for me to work with Parimoni on a story like this.
Thanks also to the production company Banga. Aryan gave them an opportunity to do what I said. Hopefully audiences will remember “Booking.”

What are you doing new?

A painting will be completed next week. Filming from the second week of March.

I am signed for two more films. Shoot them after Eid. I don’t want to name the makers now. Since many unexpected events have already happened, the artist changes before the shoot!

What happened to “Masud Rana”? Now Anant Jalil takes on the role…

no no This is everyone’s misunderstanding. Anant Jalil Bhai wanted to do a film in the Masood Rana series for a long time. He also discussed with Abdul Aziz Bhai, Head of Jazz Multimedia. Because the copyright of all episodes of this series belongs to Aziz Bhai. Finally, Aziz Bhai handed over the episode ‘Cheetah’, which is based on ‘Operation Cheetah’, to Anant Bhai. But as far as I know, even if Masud Rana plays in Cheetah, Anant Bhai will have a different name on screen. I am Masood Rana. Director Asif Akbar Bhai also confirmed this to me. Apart from this, filming of the second part of Mr Nine – Do or Die will begin in October next year. I have started preparing immediately.

Is there any news about the two films “Adi” and “Girgiti”?

The director said that he will release ‘Aadi’ soon. And the “Chameleon” is stuck for Taskin Rahman. My brother is still receiving treatment in Australia. He has undergone several eye surgeries. At this moment he is completely forbidden to stand in front of the camera or the light. The rest of Chameleon will be shot once Taskin recovers.

Mr Nine: Do or Die should be re-released. What is the update?

This time “Director’s Cut” is released. Asif Akbar Bhai has been doing the work for a long time. He said he could be released in mid-April. In addition to Europe, Bangladesh is also likely to be released.

Nothing awaits you on this oath?

According to the news so far, there is no possibility that I will be released on Eid.

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