Mastercard goes Bitcoin! Bitcoin’s price jumps!

Bitcoin broke a new ATH last week with a price of 57,660 €! Since then, the price of BTC has come down somewhat. Before setting off again? Either way, this upcoming news will make a big splash and bring Bitcoin even more to the fore!


Payments giant Mastercard about to launch crypto services!

Mastercard has announced that the company will soon launch crypto services accessible from its network. As a reminder, with Visa, Mastercard is the largest payment network in the world.

“We want to make it easier for all of our partners to add cryptocurrency services to anything they do. (…) Our partners, whether banks, Fintechs or traders, can offer their clients the possibility of buying, selling and holding cryptocurrencies thanks to an integration with the Baktt platform. Sherri Haymond, Executive Vice President of Digital Partnerships at Mastercard

Concretely, this means that customers will soon be able to benefit from Bitcoin wallets with Mastercard. What is more, the company should offer cards (credit and debit) that allow accumulate cashbacks or loyalty points in cryptos. For this, Mastercard has signed a partnership with the crypto firm Bakkt.

In doing so, Mastercard joins and even exceeds the offer of its competitor Visa. Last year, Visa partnered with the firm BlockFi and has since offered a card that allows you to accumulate cashback in Bitcoin.

The price of Bitcoin rising sharply!

The announcement should be made clear during the day during the annual Money20 / 20 conference in Las Vegas. This news is important and should reverberate on the cbitcoin bear. First of all, we are talking here about a new major player opening up to Bitcoin. What is more, these crypto products are a “smart” way to introduce crypto to a segment of the public with little knowledge on the subject.

“We make it easier to enter (into the crypto market) by allowing people to use things like your reward points and redeem them for crypto. (…) It’s an easy way to get started because you don’t use cash, you just use a passive asset and we give you the opportunity to put it to work. »Michael Gavin, CEO of Bakkt

It is therefore a safe bet that the price of Bitcoin will jump with this announcement. Besides, the first effects are perhaps being felt. At the time of writing this article, the price of Bitcoin is up almost 5% over the last 24 hours! The BTC price is currently € 54,840! At this rate, Bitcoin could soon establish a new ATH! Thank you Mastercard!

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The Bitcoin price will jump with this great Mastercard announcement!

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