MasterCard CEO continues to believe in crypto mass adoption

MasterCard Vice President Harold Bossé recently during a blockchain webinar indicated that he is still fully convinced of the potential of the crypto industry. He stays bullish about the idea that in the future there will be true mass adoption of crypto, such as bitcoin (BTC), and blockchain technology will take place at companies around the world.

Crypto Mass Adoption

According to Bossé, there are already millions of people worldwide who regularly use the crypto industry to, for example, send money. According to Bossé, these are still mainly pioneers of a new and emerging industry. In the future, however, the use of crypto will become much more widespread.

“They’re early adopters and new adopters, but we’ve moved into mass markets in the meantime, and that’s going to be a very important aspect for financial institutions to move into the space.”

Before we can speak of mass adoption, a number of major obstacles must first be overcome, according to Bossé. According to him, for example, the great uncertainty regarding regulations of the crypto industry is a thorn in the side for organizations and companies that have some doubts about going into business with blockchain technology.

In addition, the senior management of most companies is currently completely unaware of what crypto technology can provide. However, if these problems are eventually solved, and Bossé is firmly convinced of this, a phase of mass adoption will start.

Crypto and the Internet

Bossé therefore compares the current state of the crypto industry to the early days of the internet. Even in the early days of the internet, not everyone was suddenly convinced of this new technology.

“Think of the advent of the internet; no one thought that Amazon could even be a concept – you need the internet to make Amazon work. We are now in the same situation: How do we transform people’s lives and address demographics or groups of people who don’t really think about blockchain first, but about their business problems?”

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