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Masip conditions to renew with Real Valladolid

There is a very good atmosphere about the continuity of the goal in the ranks of the blanquivioleta club

For a long time Jordi Masip was the starting goalkeeper for Real Valladolid, a topic that has been cut with the arrival of Roberto Jimenez although that does not restrict in anything the aspirations of continuity. According to reports from inside the Pucelano team, it remains to be defined whether the extension of the veteran’s contract is executed or not.

And it is that based on what that scenario has been, it must be said that the player has not asked for much. Are you willing to go ahead with your idea?and regardless of that, it seeks to meet the sustainable economic conditions before the arrival of a third party.

Granada Rui Silva
Jordi Masip, target of Granada CF and other clubs in Spain

Although Masip wants to extend his continuity with Valladolid, we will have to wait for the management response

From the emotional point of view there are few contributions in this regard. The goalkeeper is sure that he seeks to remain tied to that idea regardless of the minutes they are willing to give him. The only thing he will not allow is that his profits be substantially lowered, understanding that he still manages a good market.

He puts him on notice because he knows how to handle these cases. It is preferable to cross these ideas before they go ahead and propose lower stays. In any case, his representative already has the options in his hands and while waiting for what Ronaldo’s club presents, he has a basic idea of ​​what is to come.

Decisive weeks for the goalkeeper’s future

He has not yet been summoned to the offices to discuss the issue, and although from his knowledge the expectation is good, there will always be a space and room for doubt. The team has been working very well and they have found solidity in the starter. But venturing to claim a promotion, everything becomes much more complex.

For now, the former FC Barcelona goalkeeper concentrates with the team and works on a day-to-day basis to get his chance. He is aware that the rivalry and competition is tough, but he does not lose faith. He is also motivated to know that they are strong candidates to get promoted directly. We’ll see.

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